Graduate Programs

The Department of Geology offers programs leading to the, 

  • Master of Arts      (MA) in Geology, w/ a Geohydrology option, w/thesis non-thesis options
  • Master of Science (MS) in Geology, w/ a Geohydrology option, w/thesis non-thesis options
  • Master of Arts in Teaching      (MAT)
  • Master of Science in Teaching (MST)
  • Certificate Programs in Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, and Environmental Geology. 

The M.A./M.S. program is designed to train geology students beyond the baccalaureate degree for professional employment or for advanced graduate work. The M.A.T./M.S.T program is offered for teachers in secondary schools and community colleges. The certificate programs are designed for professional development. Program details can be found by following the link below the Admission Criteria.

Our Ph.D. Program is a collaboration among multiple departments within the School of Environment.  Please see the School of Environment for program specifics. 

Admission criteria to the Master's program in Geology
including certificates 

For all applicants 
  • Meet the University Graduate Admission Requirements
  • EITHER: The equivalent of our undergraduate BS Geology degree.
    OR: If you have a BS in a Science other than geology, then courses equivalent to our undergraduate core (see next section). For certificate programs we may accept the ASBOG Fundamentals exam in lieu of a BS in Geology.
  • 1 Year of Calculus
  • 1 Year of Physics (Calculus-based preferred)
  • 1 Year of Chemistry
  • All required Allied Science and Geology courses need to be completed prior to admission to Geology graduate programs. 
  • In geology-related and allied sciences, we are looking for a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Field Camp & Linear Algebra. Although not a requirement for admission, completion a field camp and linear algrebra  a requirement for our MS or MA degrees. Students are encouraged to have completed a summer field camp and linear algebra before starting their graduate program at PSU.
For applicants without a BS in Geology
  • Allied Sciences requirements (see section above) 
  • Equivalent of our undergraduate core:
    • G 312 Mineralogy
    • G 314 Petrology
    • G 318 Processes in the Surface Environment
    • G 324 Computer Applications and Information Technology
    • G 326 Numerical Modeling of Earth Systems
    • G 434 Structural Geology and Tectonics
    • G 435 Stratigraphy
    • G 485 Field Methods in Geosciences
Applications are due 31 January for Fall admisson 

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